“I am a Receiving Coordinator (and have been for 3 years) and I LOVE HSPnet!!! I am in the database several times a day tracking our placement requests, running various reports, following up on placements, and I can’t get over how user-friendly the database is. That said, I have on a number occasion contacted the phenomenal help desk and I always get excellent advice and my questions answered in an extremely timely fashion (especially given the fact I am on the complete other end of the country!!). I try and promote HSPnet as much as I can within our organization and to other people in the province because I think it is an excellent tool and we should be using it as much as possible.”

Lisa C.

“I am one of the first Alberta Users of HSPnet. Our first placements in HSPnet were for the fall of 2005. I remember our initial training sessions, how nervous we all were about using a new system. This was a big change in our lives and we had a great deal of trepidation regarding the change. Fast forward to 2013. Many of the initial Alberta users are still working with student placements. We are today’s superusers of HSPnet. I cannot imagine using our “old” circa 2004 system to request student placements today. HSPnet allows us to run reports for our managers, to track our workload and to request custom reports when needed. It makes our lives so much easier. New enhancements assist us to do our jobs more efficiently. We can look up a student history from way back in 2005, how great is that? HSPnet is a great asset to Alberta educational facilities. It is easy to request a student placement anywhere in Alberta. Now, if only interprovincial placements were that easy!!! I look forward to new adventures in HSPnet in the coming years. Here’s to the future of HSPnet.”

June P.

“I have worked with HSPnet for the past 5 years and have seen tremendous growth with them. There have been growing pains and HSPnet seems to be weathering them fabulously. Over the years I have noticed things that either did not work correctly or could be tweaked to work better and I brought them to the attention of HSPnet Team who have always been open to suggestions. It is gratifying to know that they value feedback and really do try to incorporate each individual company needs. I believe we have a great working relationship and when earlier this year a big issue emerged I was pleased at how it was eventually handled. Like I say…growing pains. Congratulations to HSPnet on their 10 year anniversary and wishing the best for the future.”

Karen H.

“I highly appreciate all your hard work to make placement practice consolidated, easy and efficient. I was introduced to HSPnet very recently, few months ago, when I started my job. I had no previous experience of working with British Columbia Health care system and clinical placement for students. HSPnet is very useful, user-friendly database. I was able to find needed authority, hospital, educator, instructor and student information easily in few sec/min. Feature of e-mail help (which is incredible and you receive real help within few hours!), resources on the tips of your hand (that cover almost all possible issues), lookup to search, cohort view and reporting made my work smooth. What I like most is a Student Self-Selector option, which meets student choices, faculty requirements and placements availability. The option gives an opportunity to make appropriate decisions on clinical placements in a short period of time and satisfy all users. I would like to thank HSPnet team for being dedicated, very open for suggestion and readiness to adjust the HSPnet features in very short time, it is wonderful! I start and end my work day with HSPnet and I love working with it! Wishing terrific HSPnet network celebrate 20, 50, 100 years and even more in successful practice!”

Nazgul C.

“I am a Clinical Nurse Educator. My units of responsibility include two Sub Acute Medical Units with 31 beds on each unit and a 24 bed Acute Medical Hospitalist Unit. Both myself and one of our Patient Care Coordinators have been HSPnet users for many years. HSPnet has helped in coordinating the different levels of nursing students who have requested placement on our medical units. We have requests from many teaching institutions asking for placement for both groups of nursing students or those seeking a preceptorship within our units. HSPnet has helped with the coordination of these placements as we can see the requests and accept as many requests as we can accommodate on our units. For matching preceptorship students to nurses, we also like that the original request in HSPnet is anonymous until the request is accepted by the unit. This maintains impartiality as we often have students asking if they can preceptor on our units, but we do ask that they and their instructor go through the HSPnet system. Once the student placement requests have been accepted, the Placement Requests are printed and I let our staff know when students will be coming to the units. In summary, since our hospital is a large teaching hospital, the HSPnet is a very good online system that helps us coordinate the student placement requests. It is easy to use and easy to keep track of the name of the different schools of nursing that make requests and who we accept on the unit.”

Doris B.

“I have had the opportunity to use HSPnet for the ten years it has been in existence. I find this an efficient and organized way to place students. I have attended a couple of education sessions and they have been beneficial as well. I consider taking students not only a professional responsibility but an honour as this is an investment in both my future and the professions’ future.”

Deana B.

“Working in a large organization as a coordinator for student placements across acute and community mental health and addictions settings, HSPnet has been a very efficient and reliable tool for quality and communication. HSPnet has helped our programs successfully organize various student rotations while keeping the details such as dates, shift times, important agency and program information clear and user friendly. It has been rewarding to see that the system also services as a recruitment tool and helps establish relationships and connections with learners, as many of the students then stay or return to work for us! The convenience of being able to login while on the go is another invaluable feature. Ultimately, as a regular HSPnet user, I appreciated the benefits of the system.”

Erica M.

“I was introduced to HSPnet this past September, and I have to say I love it. It is easy to use, especially once you have done the training, and I love how I can keep track of details like criminal record checks for the individual students. The support staff are simply amazing. No matter how silly my question seems, they get back to me quickly and with exactly what I need to know. This is a great tool that makes practicum placements a dream.”

Elizabeth D.

“I have had the opportunity to work with HSPnet in 2 different provinces over the past 7 years as a placement coordinator and receiving coordinator. Learning the system was easy. It is user friendly and I can’t break it. Recently I moved to NS as a manager in the ER. I receive student placements and our organization has just gone to HSPnet. I was only in this role a short time before HSPnet came on board here and thankfully it did. It makes life so much easier for placing students.”

Karyn N.

“As the Receiving Coordinator for our organization, I have been using HSPnet for about three years. It has taken me a time to get used to this new language, new screens, and new possibilities. And not to mention, how does this feature link to that one? What would this enhancement actually provide? How do you get HSPnet to give you this or that result!!! I think like a nurse, not so much like a computer engineer, so all of the staff at HSPnet have been very helpful to enabling my learning. Thank-you so much to the HSPnet Team for supporting me through this transition, and of course the ongoing learning. Thank-you for consulting us regarding us the enhancements, about what is helpful, and what is difficult. It is truly appreciated. Happy 10th Anniversary!”

Louise M.

“For receiving agencies, HSPnet provides a more comprehensive picture of placement requests during any given time period. The system also provides easier communication between learning institutions and receiving agencies. Great system, don,t know how we managed placements previously! Jane W. HSPnet has assisted me in organizing the students for each unit in which I am responsible for as well as providing me with real time updates on individuals seeking placement.”

Erika W.

“This is a fabulous program and has made life a lot simpler for me personally–ingenious really. At a glance I can see where and when we are able to facilitate student placements and have a record of this as well. We are able to accommodate more students quicker and even last minute one student shadow shift placements as well. Wonderful program.”

Cheryl B.

“I’m a fairly new user to HSPnet and so far so good. I find that the system is very user friendly and easy to navigate through. It has already saved me time from contacting practicum hopefuls, so that is great.”

Patrick C.

“As an HSPnet user for the past 6 years, I can honestly say I love this program! It,s a very effective tool that delivers content you want and need in the form of alerts, communication between agencies, and reports, while also providing storage of references such as policies and agreements, etc. HSPnet is continuously expanding to meet the needs and demands of us users, and brings the changes forward in a very efficient way that makes the adjustments easy on us. I couldn,t imagine organizing placements without this program and am thankful that it exists, as it makes my job so much easier. Thank you for all your hard work HSPnet Team & congratulations on 10 years!”at.”

Aara M.

“Having HSPnet greatly helps in keeping the various students to be accommodated, when placed, and organized. So it has surely helped me and we are a very small site.”

Bill P.

“I have very much enjoyed using HSPnet over the last few years. I like the way I can track the students who are coming. It gives the unit a chance to prepare. I like being able to track the list of potential preceptors. Thanks for this technology.”

Dacia R.