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Frequently Asked Questions is a resource for answers to common questions about HSPnet.

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What if I can't remember my password for HSPnet?

If you have forgotten your password simply:
(1) Click on the forgotten password link on the login page.
(2) Type in your username (typically your first initial with your last name or email address.
(3) Answer your security password question
(4) Check your email for a new password which will be sent to you within minutes. Once you use your new temporary password, HSPnet will automatically ask you to create a new password.

HSPnet User IDs and passwords are the responsibility of your school or Agency.
Students – Please contact your practicum coordinator at your school who can help with your login issues.
Other Users – Please contact HSPnet administrator (Placing Coordinator or Receiving Coordinator) at your Agency who can help with your login.


The Email Help link button does not initiate my email system.

The Online Help link button should work because it sends a simple “mailto” call to the default email system e.g.: Outlook. If you are having issues, please consult your IT department.


How do I delete a duplicate name under staff/users?

To delete a duplicate, first inactivate the user (head icon) — you will be prompted for a reason — select Duplicate Staff/User. Once inactivated, you will need to enable the “Include Inactive Staff” checkbox to view the inactivated staff. You can then delete the user by clicking the Delete (garbage) icon.


How often do I have to update my password?

You will be required to change your password every 90 days. Passwords are 8-12 characters and a combination of letters and numbers – Password strength requirements:

  • Upper and lower case text – e.g. “vXe”
  • Number – e.g. “6”
  • Symbol – e.g. $ % & * ( ) _ + ? ! Not acceptable: @ # < >


Is there a timeout period if I am logged in but not using HSPnet?

Yes – after 30 minutes of inactivity HSPnet will automatically log you out.


How do I record placements involving an agency that isn't listed in HSPnet?

All agencies who are registered users of HSPnet will automatically be added to the appropriate dropdowns. However, agencies who are not HSPnet users can be added as Placing or Receiving Agencies by contacting User Support, which will add the Agency to the appropriate dropdown menus. Non-user agencies cannot receive or respond to placement requests electronically, but HSPnet can still enter this data for reporting purposes and can print a placement request for delivery via fax or mail.


I can't find one or more Placement Requests that used to be in my Inbox/Outbox?

If one or more placement requests appear to be missing, it is likely that your Current View filter at the top of the Inbox/Outbox is filtering them out. For example, if the status of the missing placement request is “Canc” and you have unchecked the “Canc”checkbox in the Current View filter, it will not appear on the screen until you re-check the “Cancel” checkbox. Also check other filters including drop downs and check boxes in the Current View filter, and the blue links for Course and Type filter in the header row.


What access do instructors get?

Access for any user of HSPnet is determined by their local HSPnet Administrator. Some agencies may want instructors to have a “View Only” access of placement information, class lists, scheduling information, etc. Others may instead give them add/edit access that allows them to change placement preferences, etc.


When will reports be ready?

Reports generated from HSPnet are available in the Queue under Reporting, and are typically ready in 2 minutes or less. Custom reports are available by completing the Custom Report Form in the Report Queue. These reports will be available in 5 business days.


How can I identify non-users of HSPnet?

Even agencies that have implemented HSPnet may not introduce it to all service areas at once. For example, a Receiving Agency may choose to implement for all disciplines, for Nursing and Physio only, or in Nursing Medicine only. For this reason, and asterisk “*” will appear next to a Service of a Receiving Agency if they have not implemented HSPnet, or next to a Program if a Placing Agency has not implemented in that educational program. If no programs or services of an agency have been implemented (such as an out-of-province agency) then the asterisk will appear next to the agency name as well.


What if there are conditions such as an interview with the student or receipt of their resume before accepting a placement request?

A Receiving Agency can accept a placement with conditions, or enter conditions even before they are ready to accept. Conditions may be entered in the Details popup of any placement request. An orange exclamation mark on the Inbox/Outbox indicates the existence of a Condition, and both the Receiving and Placing Agencies will be able to view the condition and act accordingly.