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Welcome to our online Forms and HSPnet Documents. We are pleased to make these materials available to all HSPnet users and within the public domain to interested parties.

File Name
Recommended Use
HSPnet Implementation
HSPnet implementation Request Form � New programs and Sites
MS Word form (DOCX)
Completed by new and current Placing Agencies wishing to add new programs in HSPnet or by new and current Receiving Agencies wishing to add new sites. The form is used to authorize expansion, plan and gather information about Programs and sites to be trained.
Adobe (PDF)
A month-by-month guide to the key tasks
leading up to HSPnet implementation
Pre-Implementation Workbook:

MS Word form (DOC)
Completed by trainees 4 – 6 weeks before
training, to collect information used for setup of Programs and receiving
Placement Request Form
(for non-HSPnet schools)
Placement Request Package

(includes instructions, sample, and consent form/handout)HSPnet
Placement Request Form

(form only for faxing) HSPnet
Placement Request Online Form

(form only for email)
Adobe (PDF)
Use this form to send a placement request
to a Receiving Site that is using HSPnet. This form facilitates
their entry of the request into HSPnet on the school’s behalfThe online form must be completed, saved and emailed to the receiving
agency instead of faxing.
Privacy, Security &
Data Access
Consent Forms
All consent forms and handouts are available under Privacy & Security / Resources.
HSPnet Destination Survey
– Receiving Agencies
Destination Survey
MS Word form (DOCX)
Completed by Receiving Agencies to enter into the destination
profile in HSPnet.
HSPnet Data Management
Data Upload Template
Excel (XLS)
Completed by schools wishing to upload a Cohort or group
of students to the Students database
Data Upload Template
Excel (XLS)
Completed by schools wishing to upload a large number
of instructors or supervisor/preceptors to the Staff database
Adobe (PDF)
Local Administrators in Receiving
Agencies may use this log to track changes over time to their setup
information on Sites / Services / Destinations. Includes samples.