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HSPnet is a comprehensive, web-enabled Practice Education Management system for the health sciences, addressing challenges of discipline-specific and interprofessional student placements.

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HSPnet Overview & Benefits
HSPnet Overview & Benefits

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HSPnet Transfer

Please note that effective February 7, 2014, the HSPnet system has been transferred from the BC Academic Health Counsel (BCAHC) to the Provincial Health Services Authority, British Columbia (PHSA).

As a result of this transfer all personal information previously contained in HSPnet has been transferred to PHSA and all future collection of personal information will be indirectly collected by PHSA. PHSA uses your personal information to provide HSPnet student placement services.

PHSA is a public body in British Columbia and will safeguard the personal information in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act [RSBC1996] c.165 as amended.

Project Alert

New document: Identified Purposes for Handling of Personal Information in HSPnet

The handout entitled Identified Purposes for Handling of Personal Information in HSPnet has been updated to include the recent change that releases a studentís school-based email address via the Security/Access Listing wizard. The new handout (dated July 1/13) can be downloaded by Placing Agencies from the Program Profile screen, or by any user from this website under Privacy & Security.

There is no need to re-consent students who received the previous handout, unless their consent is about to expire. The new handout should be included in all future distributions of consent forms to students, and should be made available upon request to students who signed a consent form in the past.

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