Managing Practice Education - Student Management

Student Management

Educational programs need effective tools to manage processes for student enrollment, placement assignment, and monitoring for compliance with prerequisites of receiving sites such as CPR and immunizations.

  • Student database - a searchable resource that provides access to students who have signed a consent form for the user’s educational program
  • Enrollment worksheet - tracks students in each cohort (e.g. 2nd year) and provides multiple views to monitor and update the status of prerequisites (first aid, CPR, influenza vaccination, etc.)
  • Assignment worksheet – supports manual assignment of students to individual or group placements, or provides access to tools for Automated Student Matching via one of several available algorithms.
  • Student access – streamlines communications by allowing students to directly access their placement information including detailed schedules, a summary of their placement history, plus an option to release their school email address to contacts at their placement site.  Student access is required for students to enter their compliance with site requirements (e.g. vehicle or language requirements) and for access to advanced features such as the Student Activity Tracker and Student Site Selector
  • Student Reports – pre-defined reports such as student assignment summaries and student lists, plus wizards to build customized reports for student tracking and data analysis.


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