Managing Practice Education - Staff Management

Staff Management

Educational programs and receiving sites need effective tools to manage processes for supervisor/preceptor assignment, recognition, and communication between those who are involved with student placements. 

  • Staff database - a searchable resource that provides access to staff in the role of:
    • Service Contact the individual with overall responsibility for students in a service such as physiotherapy, pharmacy, or nursing (surgery, palliative care, community mental health)
    • Destination Contact the individual who is responsible for students in one or more disciplines on a specific unit or program such as Outpatient Pharmacy, Spine Program, or Home Care site
    • Supervisor, preceptor, or clinical instructor who is assigned by the receiving site
    • Instructor who is assigned by the educational program
  • Staff Profile - tracks detailed information for each individual as appropriate for their role with students, plus a dynamic history record of all assigned students
  • HSPnet access for Course Leaders, Instructors, Service and Destination contacts, and supervisors, with view-only or edit rights as appropriate for their role and level of training.
  • Staff Reports pre-defined reports such as staff lists and placement schedules, plus wizards to build customized reports for staff tracking and recognition.


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