About HSPnet - Background

The Health Sciences Placement Network, or HSPnet, was launched April 2003 by the BC Academic Health Council (BCAHC) to provide a web-based system for managing practice education in the health sciences across BC. Now used in several Canadian provinces, HSPnet provides a database and tools to support the following practice education goals:

  • Increased availability and quality of practice education opportunities for students
  • Streamlined processes and improved communications among those involved in practice education
  • Enhanced access to a greater range of placement opportunities including underutilized sites, rural communities, and interprofessional experiences
  • Monitoring and improvement of learner and agency outcomes
  • Enhanced profile and priority of practice education

HSPnet is funded through user contributions within each province and cost sharing across the provinces through the National HSPnet Alliance, established by the BCAHC in 2004. The Alliance shares costs for the centrally managed infrastructure and ensures that HSPnet is accessible and affordable for all educational programs and receiving agencies.

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